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Stand Up Paddle Board Ardèche is based around Vallon Pont d'Arc in the beautiful Ardèche department of  France.   


We offer instructional paddle board lessons to children and adults.

Come and explore the magic of the Ardèche Gorge with us.

We can offer lessons at variety of locations on the Ardèche and Chassezac rivers.  

Please contact us for more information 

Activités Paddle /Our Paddle Board Sessions
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Vallon Pont d'Arc Ardèche


Initiation / Introduction 
Stand Up Paddle Board 


6KM Descent 
Stand Up Paddle board 
Vallon Pont d'arc

Paddle board Ardeche.jpg

XL Mega
Stand Up Paddle Board 

Stand up Paddle Board on the Ardeche River 


Paddle Ardèche

Contact Us

    WhatsApp or call 

 +33 6 36 73 74 51



English speaking number  - 06 43 27 8 518  

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